MIA Mama – and Love Rox Half Race Recap

Half marathonOK. Let me explain. I haven’t been around. I’m sorry. Really, I am. I swear, it’s not you. It’s me.

Really, it’s me. I think I’ve had the winter blues — or at least the winter blahs. The running’s been meh, at the very least. The days are dark. And cold.

Then there’s the snow. Once it melts, what’s left of it is in dirty piles on the side of the road that look like dingy cotton balls stained with mascara. The sky is not any better. It’s grey. Again, like dirty cotton. Yep, I’m over winter. Officially.

However, somewhere during this grey, cold, long winter, I ran a race. A half marathon. I laid out a training plan and ran it. Did I follow that training plan? Heck no. But I ran the race. Slowly. And I finished.

So there we have it. To be honest, I totally lucked out with weather. The temps were mild. Hot, almost, for running, to be honest. There was some definite head wind that left me feeling like I was running in sand, but I couldn’t have asked for a better day in February. It was rare.

The race  was OK. It was supposed to be flat and fast, but I found it to be on a slight incline for most of the route. It was actually two loops, which I had never done before. So, after the first loop — when all the 10K runners were running across the finish line — I had that moment of “Oh, I could just pack it in right about now and be done…?” It was tempting given the wind and my lack of energy. I didn’t have a lot of pep in my step for this one, so what pushed me on to complete that second loop was the fact that my husband told me that morning he was planning to meet me at the finish with my girls.

running in at the finishAnd that he did. They met me at the finish line and BOTH my sweet girls ran in with me. The Bean, my 7-year-old, the consummate competitor, smiled and said she couldn’t believe she was running faster than me (!??). E, my almost-4-year-old, had a cold and held on to my hand so tightly, she was pulling me down — and slowing me down, which I gladly obliged. I was pooped!

At the end, I got them water and cookies and was beaming. I just loved having them see me finish. So, despite a sluggish day, it was a great way to finish a race that I was completely unprepared for.

And you know what else? It ended at a wine expo! Woot! Now that’s the way to finish a race, my friends.

The finish - with a shy E.

The finish – with a shy E.

So why have I been MIA? Well, there’s the winter blahs I mentioned. The running mehs. And since I have a strict motto of no wimps or whiners, well, I went silent.

But I’m back. Daylight Savings is less than a week away. I have another race coming up in a month — the Cherry Blossom 10-miler in Washington, D.C. And, well, I need this outlet and running community the same way I need to run, to giggle with my running partner, to finish races whether they are good days or bad.

So, here I go: Back to the running, the blogging and the light…

Gotta run,


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