That big important thing I forgot to tell my running partner


My first leg last year pitted me against this guy, The Banana. He started before me, but I really, really wanted to beat The Banana. But that just wasn’t in the cards. According to my team mates, he was one super fast guy running in a banana suit. Who knew?

For the last two years, I have run in a 200-mile relay race called the Colonial 200. It takes place in the fall and treks teams from the hilly terrain of Crozet, Virginia to the finale in Williamsburg.

This race is one of my favorites, although its premise is completely crazy: You and your team take turns running various portions of the 200-mile course. It kicks off around sunrise on a Friday, you run all day, all night, then all day again — finally, running across the finish line around 3:30 p.m. Saturday.

I’ve run on a 12-person team the last two years, so my Colonial experience to date has been that of 12 runners; one big, stinky van; three legs each; logging about 18 miles total; cowbells; no showers; little to no sleep; tired legs; midnight country road runs; a lot of port-a-johns; sleep-deprived giggling fits; avoiding 3 a.m. skunk encounters (because they are out there!); and praying it doesn’t rain (again). With the right team, it’s more fun than I can put into words. And I’ve had the right team every year.

I was so excited to tackle this race for the second time last year that I blogged about it — a lot. There was the build up (the movie quote that summed it up perfectly). There was the post where I shared photos but was too tired to really type anything. And finally, the actual recap.

Our team captain recently posed a question to our team about the 2014 race. He was curious if any of us were interested in doing the race this year as — wait for it — and ULTRA team! So, for some perspective, where I’ve average about 18 miles total on a 12-person team, we would be signing up for a six-person team and averaging about 34 miles total. And, again, let me remind you of the stink, sleep deprivation, really tired and sore legs and ports-johns. I can’t even imagine what the training would be like.

But, it kind of made me excited — and scared, I admit. I kept dwelling on it, though, and while texting with our team captain recently, I told him I think I am in. I’ll be 40 this year. I ran for 365 days straight last year. I’ve got to do something big and bold, right?

So here it is.

And that big important thing I forgot to tell my weekend running partner is this: I said she would likely do it, too. Because she’s tough like that. (And, to smooth things over, why don’t you check out and follow her awesome sewing blog, Unseamly Girl. She’s quite talented!)

Now the big question is, how the heck do I train for this?

Gotta run!


10 thoughts on “That big important thing I forgot to tell my running partner

  1. Sounds really tough but really exiting. I think (after going back and forth thinking about it) that it would be really hard to say no to something like this. Your running partner will be thrilled, I’m sure. 🙂 (good luck with that).

    • Ha! Thanks. I knew she was on the fence, like me, so we both just needed a nudge. It’s a tough race with 12, so I cannot imagine six. Ignorance is bliss! Thanks for reading.

  2. I love it! Good on you for signing up for a race that leaves you feeling a bit unsure. I’ll be a real challenge and no doubt a wonderful experience! I guess the training will involve lots of mileage and back-to-back runs… joy! Rock on, and enjoy the training. 😉

    • My new mantra: Run. Rest. Repeat. Run. Rest. Repeat. It will be fun and I’m excited for the challenge. I conquered a 50k years ago, so this is the same thing, but with lots of breaks in between, right? 😉 Thanks for stopping by & reading.

  3. this is awesome! I am sure you will love it, if you loved the original! I did Ragnar Key West in 2013. This year, even though invited to actually 4 teams, I just said no. Some memories were so whatever that Ragnar Key West barely made a dent in my blog. I think it’s all about your teammates, and mine, were meh.

    • Thanks! I’m excited – and it’s all about the team. We would be described as that team with the great personality 😉 No medals, but a lot of fun! Too bad your Ragnar experience wasn’t as good. Hand-pick some of your favorite running friends – and get your own team going!

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