Out With the Old, In With the New

I ended 2013 with a run — because that’s how I started it. And that’s what I did every day in between. 2013 was the year of the running streak for this mama on the run. I actually learned that streaking isn’t as crazy as I thought. There’s even a United States Running Streak Association. Who knew?

365 days of running looks like this on day 365. Beautiful!

Here’s what the end of 365 days of running looks like.

It was a bittersweet last day, so I snagged a quick shot of a stream crossing. It’s a stream I crossed many a run last year, but I still love this little creek and narrow footbridge you use to run across it.

And I have crossed it since — a few times, actually. I’ve been battling major runner’s burnout since ending my running streak, but I’ve signed up for a half marathon in late-February.

I’m hoping a racing goal will get me through the burnout.

How do you deal with the running blues and burnout?

Gotta run!


7 thoughts on “Out With the Old, In With the New

  1. I wanted to run everyday this year but I fear I would get injured. How did you do that? Did you run any marathons? Were you able to run the day after?

    • My minimum runs were one-milers so those were my rest & recovery runs. I only did half marathons, but one mile runs the day after were great in my recovery — and something I’ll continue to do this year. You could start with a month and see how it goes? But, to be honest, I don’t know that I would do it again. It became tedious at the end…

  2. I would say, simply, just give yourself a break. I’ve found that when I lay off running for a while, even if it’s because of injury, I come back stronger. And I’ve been at it a long time. So have faith, and give yourself a break. Remember, it’s OK to point and laugh.

    • It’s always easier said than done, so it’s good to say it — and be reminded every so often. Thanks for that. I’ve been unstructured this month on the running front and have run very little. I can tell that’s been a good thing. It was needed. The fact that I’m figuring out my best re-entry point must be a good sign, right? Thanks for advice!

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